Sunday, January 3, 2010

Doodle Jump And Other Stuff!

Iv'e started this blog to write about things that are going on throughout the world from a kids point of view. I am going to write about lots of things, little tit bits from here and there but enough of that I won't bore you anymore with stuff about me.

I got an iPod touch for Christmas but unforunatly I only had £1.24 left on my iTunes account. So I bought doodle jump and i'm glad I did! It's amazing! Incase you don't know doodle jump is a game where you have to control a little creature by tilting your iPod touch or iPhone. He is constantly jumping and you must guide him from platform to platform while avoiding monsters and collecting bonuses like helicopter hats and jetpacks which quickly take you up the tower.

These pictures are of doodle jump Christmas mode.

It's so addictive and you always want to get higher and there is always more surprises in store for you. You can also share your score on Facebook and Twitter at the end of every round as well as that you can challenge other people you know that have doodle jump to beat your score.The best thing about doodle jump however is that it only costs 59p.

Other things that have been happening in the news.
Peter Moore was released after 2 years of being held somewhere in Iran. I can remember the news report of when he was first kidnapped and it was big news for a few days but then everyone forgot about it. I can't really complain though as the government say they have been neogating with the hostage takers over the 2 years but you can't help thinking that the hostage takers ( Iran's revoloutinary guard ) just did it to get publisity and if that's what they wanted then they've certainly got it. The question looms over us though where is the fourth body guard?

If you have read this thankyou very much and please email me or leave a comment on how I can improve. In the future I will try and put more things into my post and I might put sections like sport and tech. I would of put more things in this post but as I am writing this I don't have the Internet and so I can't check up on sport headlines and stuff like that.

Thankyou for Reading this and if you liked it please recommend it to other people it would mean a lot to me.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Here's a quick joke:

What's invisible and smells like carrots?

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